Chittagong Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

Khulshi, Chittagong-4202, Bangladesh

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
  1. Anatomy and Histology
  2. Physiology Biochemistry and Pharmacology
  3. Animal Science and Nutrition
  4. Microbiology and Veterinary Public Health
  5. Pathology and Parasitology
  6. Genetics and Animal Breeding
  7. Dairy and Poultry Science
  8. Agricultural Economics and Social Science
  9. Medicine and Surgery
Faculty of Food Science and Technology
  1. Physical and Mathematical Sciences
  2. Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology
  3. Applied Food Science and Nutrition
  4. Food Processing and Engineering
Faculty of Fisheries
  1. Fish Biology and Biotechnology
  2. Aquaculture
  3. Marine Bioresource Science
  4. Fisheries Resource Management
  5. Fishing and Post-Harvest Technology
  1. Poultry Research and Training Centre (PRTC)
  2. One Health Institute
  3. Coastal Biodiversity, Marine Fisheries and Wildlife Research Centre

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